Inventors of BAT

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Camcon Oil

Increase output by up to 110% with the World's first intelligent artificial lift tool: APOLLO from Camcon Oil

Camcon Automotive

Cut Carbon emissions by 20% and improve Fuel Efficiency too, with Intelligent Valve Actuation (IVA). Reduce weight and complexity with park lock actuators all from Camcon Automotive

Life Science

Pinch Valves with zero power stable states enable new portable medical devices and save consumables too from Camcon Life Sciences


Process controls for critical applications from Camcon Industrial

Camcon Technology

Bistable, low energy fast acting actuators

Camcon Federation

Our core BAT technology finds applications in all industries which are being developed by the Camcon Federation of companies

Camcon is a federation of companies established to develop products using our innovative Binary Actuation Technology (BAT) for different industry sectors. From this website you may find out about our core technology, or be introduced to the revolutionary products being introduced by the federation companies using it.

Camcon Federation
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